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We believe that working with a coach to gain access to resources, tools, tips, health education and encouragement helps make a healthier you!  If you like to motivate and help others we want you to join our legacy.  Are you a coach at heart?  Do you specialize in making food that is good for you taste good?  Do you like to nurture the hearts, minds and souls of others?  Please consider joining the network as a Coach and help support and motivate others?  We are looking for volunteer coaches to become a friend of the hospital and help us help others.

Meet the Team

The Healthy You team consists of three people who are working to identify coaches to walk along beside our people and help them achieve balanced wellbeing.  This initiative is going to launch virtually during the COVID restrictions and therefore able to reach out to coaches in other areas.


Lori Evans


Foundation Director and Public Relations executive with over fourteen years as a Resiliency Coach and twenty years as a Wellness Ambassador.

business development

Karen Kocan

Coach & Provider Relations

With over twenty years of healthcare experience Karen has provided patient advocacy and health education support to Madison County Memorial Hospital for six years.


Asha Davis

Human Services Intern
St. Leo College

Asha is completing a Bachelors in Human Services and currently in-training as a community health worker/coach.  She has a heart for patients and families.

If you would like to volunteer as a coach, please complete the application below and someone from our team will be back to you shortly.

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  • What to Expect

    Please read this page before you decide if you would like to participate in this program. The Healthy You prevention program is a partnership between Madison County Memorial Hospital, Madison County Health Department, Barnes Healthcare and providers and family service agencies in the North Florida area. This program seeks to gather information to measure how well the program achieves the goal of helping participants learn how to better manage and/or prevent chronic conditions. Healthy You! is a prevention program designed to support individuals with making changes in their weight, physical activity, and other self-care behaviors by encouraging screenings, providing coaching and wellness support and connecting people to local resources. You can help us by agreeing to volunteer as a Coach to provide up to one hour per week virtually to share your talent with other women-healthy chef, fitness activities, spiritual inspiration, etc.
  • Procedures:

    You help encourage participants to get involved in fun activities to promote balanced wellbeing. You encourage them to monitor weight, report physical activity, and record of what they eat for a minimum of 16 weeks. Their weight and other key data are collected for as long as they are in the program, up to one year from the first day. Healthy You data is collected and kept in a secure database managed by Madison County Memorial Hospital. The data is shared with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or HealthTech Consultants, a private evaluation firm out of Jacksonville and the Florida Department of Health. The data does NOT include the name or other information that could identify participants, which means it cannot be linked back to them. Details are collected and shared as a group not individual participants.
  • Risks and Benefits:

    There is no risk for participating in the Healthy You! program. The evaluation of this program does not directly benefit you. Your participation helps improve Healthy You! so that it may continue to be offered in our community and to expand to our neighboring communities. Most importantly, the biggest benefit is the health benefits you receive as a result of participating in the program and the help you provide to others.
  • Participation is Voluntary:

    Taking part in the Healthy You! program is completely voluntary and free to participants who are allowed to withdraw from the program at any time. This is why your role as a coach is even more important. As you provide engaging fitness activities or chef demonstrations you also encourage participants not to give up.
  • Participant Consent Form

    I agree to engage regularly via social media to encourage and coach others to commit to one year in Healthy You. This includes one hour per week for six months, cuts back to one hour every other week for three months and one hour per month for three months. I understand that the recommendations provided in this program does not take the place of any advice provided by their doctor or other medical providers. Any specific advice from a personal doctors should take priority over advice given in this program. Participants must see their doctor before starting the program if they are unsure they are able to participate in the activities. I have read the information about Healthy You! and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Florida Department of Health. I have participated in presentations and question and answer sessions with a coach or wellness ambassador.
  • Program Goal

    The goals of this program are to prevent or delay breast cancer, heart disease, obesity and/or chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure: 1) Lose at least 7% of starting weight through healthy eating; 2) Achieve and maintain an increase in physical activity each week; 3) Adopt healthy behaviors as practiced with my life and wellness coach along with supporting resources. The coach supports these objectives by providing things such as the following: 1) chef demonstrations; 2) fitness activities-yoga, resistance training, walking, Zumba, etc; 3) help support the use of wellness apps such as My Fitness Pal and encourage participants to sign up and enter information in the wellness log; and 4) participate online via social media engagement and/or health education.